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Friday, July 14, 2006


Well, I'm in the interesting situation of having the book (mostly) finished early. The publisher is delighted and wants to get into production as soon as my three readers have finished making their suggestions. All three have now received their copies and the editor asked me if she should make up copies for the 'blurb writers'. The difficulty here is that some of them cannot stare at a computer for any length of time, and would rather have hard copy. I hope that they can wait til the three other pros make their suggestions first in case I left out something or have to rewrite a bit.
I've already sketched out a few small paragraphs to add and I would like to redo two illustrations. So far, anyway.
And there's the interesting coincidence that the Siggraph and San Diego Comic Conventions are on at this time. It would be a very good idea, I think, to have some kind of flyer--maybe a postcard of the cover--available for distribution at the Focal Press booth in the former. I can have them at the Creative Talent Network booth if they are made up, and I will be at the booth next year thanks to the generosity of Tina Price, the originator of the Network.

But hot damn, None of my work has been banned anywhere. Dean's letter from the North Carolinian lawmens (Deputy Dawg inevitably comes to mind) is the best publicity he could possibly get.

Me, I can't get myself arrested and neither can my drawings. Wait a minute...maybe if I gave Red Riding Hood a bottle of Chianti...

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Tanja said...

Have you posted info yet about your upcoming book on CGChar-animation or CGTalk, AWN, etc.? There are a few threads in those forums about folks going to Comic-con and SIGGRAPH...if you want to post a mention of your flyers. ;)

I know I've seen a brief mention of your upcoming book before (maybe it was on AWN) and I've been looking forward to getting a copy when it's out.