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Monday, October 08, 2007


It's that time of year again...Tony White has just invited me to make a second presentation at the second 2D OR NOT 2D FESTIVAL in Everett, Washington.

Tony has done more to help the practitioners of this ancient and beautiful artform than most people, and this festival should be on everyone's 'must see' list.

The lovely Everett Theatre hosts rare films and (uncommon, if not rare) speakers from November 1st through 3rd. The town of Everett is a charming suburb of Seattle. Best of all, the festival has a successful networking fair at the end that, last year, led to a wonderful job offer for one of my RIT students who wasn't even able to attend the show.

Tony has the most unusual awards ceremony that I know of--he awards for best animation in a film AND best film, since we all know these are not always found together. The festival is sponsored by the Digipen Institute of Technology, where Tony is now the Chair and Program Director, so it emphasizes the work of student animators. Digipen and Vancouver's Van Arts Institute will present student showcases as part of the festival.
We need to support this festival. It's heartening to see so many young animators working in drawn animation and they need the encouragement.

I'm going to present a selection of character designs that I did on various jobs, together with a few clips of the animation that resulted. None of the design sketches have been seen in public before, and some of them (like the 'censored horse' in HERCULES) have a funny story associated with them.

Other female artists are also featured, since the show's theme is female animators. I think Tony has an interesting lineup of younger women on the same night as my presentation--I'm the only a.k. there-- so it should be fun.

Michael Gagne will also make a presentation and there are many surprises planned.

Do come if you can.