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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nemo's Valentine

I can't play the music but I can post the lyrics to one of the prettiest songs in LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND.

[Sung by Little Nemo.]
"Won't You Be My Valentine" (1908)
Words by Harry B. Smith, 1860-1936
Music Victor August Herbert, 1859-1924
Just before the sun of Springtime,
Drives old Winter's snow away,
Comes the wedding bell and ringtime,
Time when lovers' hearts are gay.
It is then you send your greeting,
Pictured verse that says, "Be mine."
On the day of lovers' meeting,
Day of good Saint Valentine.
Won't you be my Valentine,
Sweet heart mine,
Maid divine.
If you look for love sincere,
I am here,
Waiting near.
Darling take me,
Don't forsake me.
Be my Valentine.
I am lonely,
Want you only,
Be my Valentine.
'Tis my fondest recollection,
That bright day so long gone by,
When with boy and girl affection,
We were schoolmates, you and I.
But my love was all unspoken,
I was bashful, did not dare,
Till I sent you Cupid's token,
With its verse and pictures fair.
(CHORUS 2 times)

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