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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Waiting period.

It's not really over til the fat lady sings. Or until someone reads the book.
First the disc has to reach the readers. One got his disc sometime yesterday afternoon. What do you know...I discovered that by changing one drawing in Chapter six I had a new theme that added about three hundred words and a second illustration to the chapter. Getting away from this thing for a week has cleared my mind slightly, though not enough to take the whole megillah objectively.

Anyway, I rewrote parts of Chapter Six, drew the two new illustrations, and sent them out by email to my readers and to the editor in England. The American editor tried calling and I will see if he needs one too.

It was a rather trying Fax machine has decided to go on every time there is a phone call (it has since been set to Manual), my bicycle was stolen sometime during the weekend, a crooked banker 'forgot' to roll over an IRA fund so I had to go for the second time in two years to personally retrieve the money, and Gizmo the cat uttered loud cries and barfed up lots of kitty food.

The upstairs neighbor came back from Africa with malaria and I've been running some errands for her. With the bike gone I had to walk two miles to the shop to get another. Surprise. Nothing in women's bikes in the entire store. Oh, but 'they're getting more on Monday. Su-u-u-u-ure they were. I took a taxi to another shop and bought a different bicycle.
Now for the good news: the insurance will pay for the missing bike, Gizmo just ate her food too fast, and I did get the money away from the crooks at Chase (NEVER work with this bank!)

It remains to be seen how the readers judge the book and how the freelance work goes. I'm waiting for a package from them, too.

So this is sort of a meaningless update, but it brings people up to date on the sort of excitement I could really live without. It's also not much fun having a bicycle in the animation studio all the time--this new one is NOT going to be left outside overnight. But that means I have a new roommate. I've already informed the cat that she should not make it fall on her and kill her.

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