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Saturday, July 22, 2006

We're Number Two

I just found this on under "Hollywood's HOTTEST professions."

We came in at Number Two. That sounds about right.

2. "Animator: While basic animation has been around for a century, in recent years the medium has virtually exploded, and employment opportunities abound. Modern-day animators don't just work with stop-motion clay animation (A Claymation Christmas, Wallace & Gromit), but also with photographs of drawn or painted images (The Lion King) and computer-generated images (Finding Nemo). In fact, computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation is fast becoming one of the hottest fields in the industry.
The award-winning animators at Pixar (The Incredibles) have raised the profile of animation, and they've also pioneered 3-D computer graphics technology. With the public's insatiable appetite for animated sitcoms (The Simpsons) and films (A Bug's Life), the growth and glamour potential of this career promise to keep skyrocketing. At the moment, there are only about 94,000 multimedia artists and animators in the country--and demand for industry professionals is on the rise, expected to increase by 40 percent in the next decade. Oh, and did we mention that a good animator can earn a salary in the six-figure range?"

And did we mention that a great many animation jobs are going to Asia because studios don't want to pay artists six-figure salaries?

I never knew that I worked with 'photographs of drawn or painted images'. I just drew 'em.


Tom Degan said...

This is a great site! Interesting and slightly surreal. I'm adding you to my favorites!
All the best,
Tom Degan

Elliot Cowan said...

I am delighted to see a link to the Australian Black and White Cartoonists site, but am curious to know what your connection is.