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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nothing Could Be Finer than being Banned in Carolina

I received this email from former business partner and good friend Dean Yeagle this morning. I'm reprinting it because any paraphrasing I might give it would not do justice to Dean's original words (hope it is okay, Dean--but inquiring minds need to know about this.)

"Hi, Nancy -WARNING. I found out, just today, in an official letter both certified and registered, that my sketchbooks have been BANNED by the North Carolina Division of Prisons as being too risqué, too lewd, too steamy...for CONVICTED FELONS. I kid you not. If, as the letter declares, 'this publication' (SCRIBBLINGS) '...could be detrimental to the security and good order of the prison facility and the rehabilitation of the inmate', imagine what it could do to those unwary souls unhardened by years in the slammer. Due to 'violations' of 'Division of Prisons policy', my sketchbooks have been 'disapproved for delivery' to thugs, thieves, fiends, hoods, goons, butchers, and cutpurses. Apparently the possible deleterious effect of my cartoons on their delicate sensibilities is just too much of a risk. They might get in some kind of trouble. I consider myself a good citizen, mindful of the welfare of my fellow creatures; so now I must warn you all not to buy my sketchbooks...or if, like you, you already have them, for the love of humanity, DON'T LOOK AT THEM! If you haven't been corrupted by them, you've dodged a bullet.But if I catch the sniveling little weasel who snitched, he'll have a shiv between the ribs before the end of exercise period.- Dean"

Go to the link to see what all the fuss is about. Dean's site is also on the Blogroll and you can see more (oh boy can you see more) at under "DaBeagle".
Once upon a time Boston used to 'ban' books that it found rude, crude, skewed or tatooed. Being 'banned in Boston' was a guarantee of success; the most famous example of which was William Faulkner's SANCTUARY but it had plenty of company, as you can see here.
Oddly enough Dean's also had some of his animation censored, or at least not aired, in the past so he's officially the Most Censored Cartoonist I've worked with.

I've told him to put this letter from the Carolina jailers on his website under "Smut" and post the good reviews (and they are legion) under "Smiles".

Any publicity is good publicity, the saying goes, and this is one of the most hilarious examples of official nuttiness I've seen in a long time.

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