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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I had a bittersweet Hand Drawn Animation appears that Focal is publishing a book by another author on the same subject I wanted to write about.
They were nice about it, and said they would like to hear about different book ideas I can come up with.
The thing is this. This is the book I want to write. I am confident that it handles the subject in a completely different fashion from the one they plan to publish. I am sure that it will be useful to a variety of artists, and can be a better 'seller' than PREPARE TO BOARD. It's all business, of course, and I shouldn't take it personally, but I am not happy that this is happening. I liked working with Focal.
And since I want to write this book, and not some other, I'm looking for another publisher, much against my preferences...but it's like working for a different studio; there are other ones out there. The trick is to find a nice one.


Brett W. McCoy said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope it all works out!

deniseletter said...

Hi Nancy,Every cloud has a silver lining (and the equivalent in spanish is: no hay mal que por bien no venga.)That sentence was the first that came on my mind when I read you.And as a TV chapter this be continued:-)

Nancy said...

Hi All,
It's just business. And there are other publishers whom I'm being referred to. Updates will be posted when they occur, but my friends have told me that the outline does indeed contain unique material not found in other books, and they are actively helping me contact their own publishers. So that's good news.

Floyd Norman said...

If this is the book you want to write, then by all means do it.

Do we already have too many books on animation? I don't think so.

Nancy said...

HI Floyd,
I feel that this book is necessary, and I've received positive feedback from friends confirming that it doesn't duplicate stuff that's already out there. I am determined to go through with it. You should be hearing from my old editor (new company) after the thanksgiving can let her know if it would be a good idea to publish.