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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Joanna Quinn, one of my favorite animators, has just co-authored a book called DRAWING FOR ANIMATION with Paul Wells and Les Mills!

It will be released on December 9 in the USA, and I can't think of any animation book I'd be more eager to read this Christmas. Quinn is a stunning draftsman and animator whose only other book (that I know of) was illustrating a tie-in book for her charming Charmin' toilet paper commercials (you know, the ones with the bear in the woods). Mills is co-producer of her films (made in Wales at BERYL PRODUCTIONS) and a fine draftsman in his own right, and Wells is a professor and the author of several other books on animation.
I am going to talk this up to the Sheridan life drawing and animation teachers...what a wonderful looking book this is.
It discusses more graphic drawing styles along with Quinn's magnificent caricatures of human anatomy, so it should appeal to all students in advanced animation and character design courses.
And by a remarkable coincidence, my previous editor has shifted companies and is now with this publisher. I am going to see if I can contact them about my new idea for a book.


hans bacher said...

thank you, nancy, for making this public. i would have never known here at the 'end of the world'. I love her films and of course probably everyone featured in the book. can't wait...

Nancy said...

Hi Hans,
I remember hearing about this a while ago, but the move to Canada slowed me down a bit...I found it was just published quite by accident, while searching for contact information for my (our)former editor at Focal Press...I would like to submit my new book idea to this company.
If you are still teaching, go to the AVA Press can request a 'desk copy' if you are affiliated with a college!

Pete Emslie said...

I'd certainly be interested in seeing more of Joanna Quinn's work myself, and this book sounds intriguing. Aside from her Charmin commercials, all I've seen of her films are "Girls' Night Out" and "Famous Fred", both of which I really enjoyed for their visuals and humour. Her very organic pencil animation is absolutely irresistible!

Nancy said...

HI Pete,

I have all Joanna's films. Her latest, DREAMS AND DESIRES, is on the ANIMATION SHOW Volume 3 disc, which I can loan to you.

My favorites are DREAMS AND DESIRES and BRITANNIA, her only 'political' film, though all are excellent. FAMOUS FRED is a treat.
Joanna wrote me to say that she isn't exactly the co-author of the book, but she 'contributed' to it; I am sure that her contributions will be very notable.