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Friday, November 07, 2008

Second Edition of PREPARE TO BOARD!

I've just received two copies of the second edition of PREPARE TO BOARD! from Focal Press. It has several corrections (all but one are new illustrations).

In the first edition, I inadvertently credited Bruce Block's book to his brother Dave. This error has been remedied.

There are new illustrations from SITA SINGS THE BLUES to replace the very low-resolution images that were in the first edition; and a better one of Bill Robinson's "Suzette" character.

So you don't have to run out and buy this...unless you absolutely HAVE to, of course.

Now this is a bit nutty, but I've got a new proposal in with Focal right now, and should hear from the editors in the coming weeks whether it's something they would like to consider publishing.
Since PREPARE TO BOARD is doing very well (thank you all!) it may have a chance. Watch this space and you may see...
of course, it also means I go into serious work overdrive for the next year, but I think I can write it during the winter and summer break here. The new book will be much different in that most of the illustrations will be animation drawings done by me. Oddly enough that makes it easier to do, since I won't have to track down different styles, etc. though a few friends might contribute a few.

The topic is one that has been lightly covered in the literature, although it's crucial to the creation of good animation.

More anon...


Brett W. McCoy said...

Oh, now you've got my attention!

deniseletter said...

Hi friend,Which are the best version for learning easily?

Nancy said...

Hi Denise,

The editions are nearly identical; the second one has slightly better artwork and one item in the Bibliography has been corrected. Otherwise the texts are identical.

I note that there is better quality paper in the second edition; the book looks thicker and the paper feels better in the hand.

A. Page said...

The second edition of Bruce Block's book THE VISUAL STORY is also in full color with lots of color pictures. The first edition is almost entirely black & white.