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Monday, November 17, 2008


Friend and master animator Tahsin Ozgur has sent this request from Istanbul, Turkey, where he's currently teaching animation. International Hand Drawn Animation day originated in Turkey, and they would like to make it a worldwide celebration. So view a Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse or Joanna Quinn or Sylvain Chomet or other hand drawn cartoon of your choice tomorrow and think of pencils rather than for me, I'm going to run the documentary "Frank and Ollie" and think of old friends still with us through their wonderful animated performances.

As in previous years we at Anadolu University and Maltepe University are observing Nov. 18th, anniversary of the release of Steamboat Willie, as a day to celebrate traditional hand-drawn animation.This year our
special theme will be Frank and Ollie, since Ollie johnston passed away since our last celebration.
Please join us in our celebration.
Tahsin ("Tash") and Lale Ozgur


Anonymous said...

I'm working with one of the Donald Duck collections playing next to me!

Nancy said...

Hey Alex,how are you doing? Where are you working?

Anonymous said...

Nowhere, I'm afraid. That is to say, I'm doing a couple of long-distance freelance jobs from my home. No luck yet with a long term job, I'm afraid.

Nancy said...

It's not a good time to be looking, but it can take a while. One RIT student got his dream job after six months of looking; one SCAD student had to search for two years (and take bad jobs in the meantime) before landing something good.
Timing is unfortunately as important as ability and hard work, as we can see from my next blog entry...