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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ottawa Trip

I'm leaving tomorrow for a weekend in Ottawa. This will be my first time at the famous Film Festival there; I have never attended, not even when YOUR FEET'S TOO BIG played there about 25 years ago. Freelancing meant you could never take time off, ever!
There will be lots of people there whom I know, and I'll have a report when I get back on Sunday night.
I literally have to run out the door at the end of tomorrow's class to catch a bus to the station, then transfer from the GO train to the "Via Rail" that should take a few hours to get there. I look forward to the trip; Via Rail is a very civilized railroad, as I know from past experience.
The super and his wife will look after Gizmo, so that is one less thing to worry about.
So stay tooned, as the cliche goes: more anon.


Floyd Norman said...

Looking forward to your report on the Ottawa Film Festival.

Enjoy your trip. I'll be on the road as well.

? said...

Glad I found this blog. I'm currently reading one of your favourite books. Wish you all the best on your trip! Regards.

Nancy said...

Hey Floyd,

I'd love to write something now, but I got in at 1:30 AM due to a three hour traffic jam in which we went all of 100 yards...finally got here, and did my classes, and I'm tired. Maybe later.


and good luck


Nancy said...

Hey Red Eyes, wait til you get to the Devil's Ball in Moscow...