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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hans Bacher's Back!

If you look at the top link to the right, you'll see Hans Bacher's new art direction blog, ANIMATION TREASURES, at ONE1MORE2TIME3, !

Welcome back, Hans! This new blog is a must-see for all students of animation art direction.


deniseletter said...

Many thanx Nancy!!! This is useful.
How can I buy your book if I live in Caracas,Venezuela?,just give me some advice:-)


Nancy said...

Hello Denise,

Thank you for your nice note. I would presume that is the best place to purchase my book; they will ship to Caracas. You can also contact the publisher, Focal Press, and ask if they have better rates there. Or maybe an art bookstore can order it for you. Unfortunately shipping costs will be very high. I do not know when the e-book edition is being published, but Focal should be able to tell you about that. It would probably be the best and cheapest way for you to get it, and you'd miss only the four Disney illustrations, which have been replaced for that edition.
Good luck and welcome to the blog1!

Maryam said...

Hey, Thank you for the news,btw, I came across your book in a book-fair's brochure in Tehran, but unfortunately the book didn't get to the fair on time.

Nancy said...

Hello Mayrock, welcome to the blog!
There is some mighty nice animation being done in Iran; my friend Dean Yeagle showed me some very nice stuff someone sent him. I'm glad to hear that animation is still an international art!