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Thursday, September 25, 2008

All Better Now

Hello all you well wishers,
My film THE OTHER EDEN is now on Channel 4 and Aardman's new beta-site, 4mations.

I have watched a few of the films and while they are a mixed bag there is great potential here: a Youtube type site aimed solely at animators.

I wish them well, after the early fracas... and the film is getting some good reviews. This is really an interesting development. I've always thought that the internet was the animators' best friend since it enables us to get our films out before the public without dealing with predatory distributors (as I and some other animators have had to in the past) or dismissive festival programmers. We can put up the film, people can watch it, and the middleman is eliminated. I'm all for that.

So try 4mations. See what you get.


Jen said...

Here's a link to my blog with some photos of Ottawa in the snow:

deniseletter said...

Thank heavens they fixed it :-)

Nancy said...

Yes, they were very nice about the misunderstanding, so I've changed the post and taken the older one down, as promised.

Unknown said...

It's beautiful Nancy, absolutely stunning. Also like the title. If I have to pick my fav bits out then I have to say the tiger and elephant really strike you. Very scary stuff!

Glad the hullabaloo is over and look forward to possibly seeing more of your work on there in the future.

Mel Kirk said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for posting about 4mations and I'm truly sorry for the initial problems that you encountered.

We're really pleased to have The Other Eden on 4mations and it's currently featured on the homepage of the site.

We really hope that the site will be a hub of entertainment for both animators and those just looking for really interesting content.

Hope that you're enjoying the site and we hope to get some more of your work on the site soon.

Mel :)

Nancy said...

Dear Aardman,

Thank you, and I'm glad you like the film. I've never really known what to do with it; after your tenth film festival reject, it's hard to say! But this new site is a permanent, ongoing film festival, and I'm going to recommend it to my students and to folks who want small, noncommercial films to get better airplay.

By the way, I really did dream this, though the colors stayed in the blue range, the angle was black not white, and the ark was floating off in water, rather than pollution, at the end. The tigers and the angel and the fish are exactly the way I saw them in the dream, and other shots were added as I researched endangered animals.

One animal in the film--the black rhino--actually went extinct as the film was being finished.

Sad times.

Brett W. McCoy said...

Very nice site!