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Monday, March 31, 2008

Reuben Awards: The National Cartoonist Society 2008

I have just been informed that PREPARE TO BOARD! has been nominated in the Book Illustration category in the National Cartoonist Society's REUBEN awards.

The NCS is America's oldest cartoonists' organization. The Reuben is named after founder Rube Goldberg --who is famous for creating the Rube Goldberg Machine, Rube, ironically enough, was unable to win his own award for the machines, or for any of his comics. He won, instead, for a brilliant political cartoon that can be seen here (scroll down to "Peace Today")

I was particularly chuffed at being nominated in the same group as the wonderful illustrator Sandra Boynton.

Here are the category nominees:

and here are pictures of last year's Reubens, including one of the grand statue itself (designed by Rube Goldberg)

Al Jaffee of MAD magazine is one of the three finalists for the grand award, the REUBEN itself.

As luck would have it, the New Orleans party falls on the same weekend I am moving to Canada, so unfortunately I won't be able to attend. It's an honor to be nominated, though.

Update: Lynn Johnston has graciously agreed to make the acceptance speech in the event that PREPARE TO BOARD! wins. I asked her just to thank everyone.


Floyd Norman said...

Bravo, Nancy!

That's great news. Sorry you won't be able to make the shindig down in New Orleans, but I'm pulling for you.

The book was cool, so I hope it's doing well.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Floyd. Lynn Johnston has graciously agreed to accept the award for me in the event that I win. She can also carry it back to Canada!

Your blog is looking great, by the way. And I value your praise of the book very highly--wow.

Keep up the blog, it is fascinating, and I'm referring it to a lot of interested people (my Dad loves your cartoons.)

Ed Mahony said...

Mm .. interesting and unusual blog!

Nancy said...

We try to keep things amusing.

bhiggy28 said...

Nancy, we missed you in New Orleans. Hope you are settling in to your new digs.

bhiggy28 said...


Sorry Reuben didn't go to Canada. We missed you in New Orleans, but hope you are settling in to your new diggs.

bhiggy28 said...


Sorry, the category award did not head north, for Canada. I had everything crossed for you.

We missed you, in New Orleans, but hope you are settling in to your new digs.

Nancy said...

Hi folks,
Let's face it, not only is Sandra Boynton a great book illustrator--her book was the only one that actually was an 'illustrated book', which was the category. No other book categories get awards. Mine and the other nominees' were both instructional books with illustrations. the NCS really needs a new category for this type of book, since their numbers have skyrocketed in the past decade.