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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mr. Fun's Blog

Floyd Norman, who was rechristened Mr. Fun by cartoonist Scott Shaw! and Charlie Grosvenor
has a new blog.

It's called MR. FUN'S BLOG. Originally Floyd called it something else, but I and a few others said it couldn't be called anything else. Floyd simply IS "Mr. Fun."

He's also one of the few survivors from Disney's Golden Age. Floyd's animation 'editorial' books include FASTER! CHEAPER!, SON OF FASTER! CHEAPER! and HOW THE GRINCH STOLE DISNEY. Michael Eisner once ordered Floyd to stop drawing caricatures of him! How cool is that? (You can buy the books through
Read Mr. Fun's Blog. It's good.


Floyd Norman said...

Thanks, Nancy. However, Mr. Fun is still not ready for prime time. He's still taking baby steps with this blogging thing.

I've always looked for a wall to pin up gags in various studios. This is the biggest "wall" any gag artist could ever want. Kinda scary, really.

Be advised, this is a work in progress.

Nancy said...

Hi Floyd,

All blogs are works in progress! You'll do just fine!