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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Oh yeah, then there's this.

The second edition of PREPARE TO BOARD will be published this year. There's a lot of new artwork in it...and I've revised or rewritten about a third of the book. So anyone who wants to buy it will not feel that it has merely received a cosmetic makeover. I think that it is very much improved, not that the original is junk, you understand; but I write better now, and have fixed some parts that I found needed fixing. Here's the new cover, once again featuring cover girl Gizmo.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I just received the current edition yesterday and I am very impressed. This should be standard in both character design and storyboard classes. The exercises alone in the first few chapters could fill a sketchbook. Great job and I look forward to more.


Nancy said...

Thank you, Robert, and I look forward to hearing your comments about the new edition due out this September. I think you will find it much improved.