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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Moon Never Sets on the British Empire

A friend of mine is doing some writing for this new version of Sherlock Holmes...and since I was curious, but still don't have a television, we watched an episode or two in a coffee shop in an undisclosed location. The infamous "Scandal in Belgravia" episode had aired the night before, and when I saw the 'sheets to the wind' scene I had the idea that it could have been staged more like this. I guess I'll never get my Canadian citizenship now.


Brett W. McCoy said...


You know, the chap who plays Dr. Watson is also playing Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming "Hobbit" film

Nancy said...

Yep, and the chap who plays Sherlock is...wait for it...SMAUG! I don't think they are going to use motion crapture, though.

Arun said...

Nice work!

Happy to meet a fellow Sherlockian :)

Kechie said...

Hi nancy! lovely blog! Would you please review my site and comment? i'm new to blogging and people say it is funny.