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Friday, February 27, 2009

THIRD EDITION of Prepare to Board

I've just been informed that PREPARE TO BOARD! will have a third English edition. This is being published only six months or so after the second edition.

I'm of course delighted, but it helps to put things in perspective; the second edition was less than half the size of the first edition, and the third edition will be about the same size as the second.

The only difference between the second and third editions is that the rear cover will now state that I teach at Sheridan College rather than at RIT.


Simon W-H said...

Goody...I can get a copy, now that my credit card is in a healthier state!

Unknown said...

I just love your book. it´s been very helpful, thanks a lot :)

Nancy said...

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much! Let me know what you think of it. If you have an account, a review would be nice if you have the time.

The new one had a slight setback this week due to family problems but I will be on it again in the coming week. Your illustrations will be a real aid to the chapter that discusses human/animal combinations. And you will get a copy of the second one before publication! Thanks again for the Weregirl and the Girl Walking On All Fours!

Nancy said...

Hello Josue,
Thank you for the kind review. I am curious to hear about your animation school in Costa Rica...I once thought of applying for a teaching position down there! I did not do this because my Spanish is funnier than my animation. Someday I hope to visit your country.
I'm glad to hear that you like my book.

Unknown said...

REALLY!!!! I would have loved 2 have u as a teacher! Well, what can I say..., since we r the very first generation (s) in CRC studying not just 3D but animation in general, we are already comfortable with professors whose Spanish is "funnier than their animations" (LOL ;) :P). Most of us speak both languages anyway; it´s very difficult to survive without it since all the material is in English. (Which is sad 4 those who don´t, however). But the overall feeling here is of some sort of excitement. People look at us like pioneers, and we feel a lot as if we are rediscovering the whole craft because of the same situation. The school already has 4 graduates, I hope I´ll be something between the 7th or 6th (which has it´s ups and downs of course). But as I said it feels like the school is going 2 have many more in the years 2 come :)

here is our website if u want 2 check it

Simon W-H said...

Ordered...along with Eric's book...I will write a review if that is possible. I had no idea that option was available on Amazon.