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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Slumdog Oscars

I think that yesterday's Oscars proved that films with good stories can win out over 'high concept' films.

Not only did SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE win in all categories in which it was nominated--beating 'sure things' like THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON--but the beautiful Japanese hand drawn film LA MAISON EN PETIT CUBES won the Best Animated Short Film award, rather than CGI entries PRESTO and OKTAPODI.

Sean Penn won a well-deserved Oscar for his portrayal of Harvey Milk in MILK. I voted for him but didn't think he'd make it. Good job.

Every now and then people remember that story is what brings us in to the theatre, not special effects and explosions. Well, some of us anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to say I finally saw the best picture winner before the awards were aired. I definitely liked the film a lot, but I didn't expect it to do quite as well as it did. Good for them!

Kunio Kato's acceptance speech left me with a big smile.

Morghan Peressini said...
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Morghan Peressini said...

Hello Nancy, I really enjoyed today's lecture class. I didn't know you had done animation for Ms.Kitty in "Fievel Goes West", I sincerely hope you are my fourth year mentor, to have someone like you to get advice from would be beyond amazing.

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to watch the Oscars...homework heavy this week. I haven't seen "Slumdog", and with all the hype I hope it's as good as what people are making it out to be.

Also I was wondering if you have seen a movie called "The Fall"?

Nancy said...

Hi Alex, how are you?

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is the sort of picture that comes along every decade or so when people simply tire of high concept films loaded with special effects. THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON and, in many ways, THE DARK KNIGHT, are typical of this genre.

SLUMDOG has characters and story. Let's see if it starts a vogue for more! Unfortunately none of the other successful 'little movies' such as MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, THE CRYING GAME, or (dare I say it) A GOOFY MOVIE had any imitators!

"Little movies that could" can be more satisfying to work on, and watch, than big budget films sometimes!

Nancy said...

Hey, Pink Pigtails.

Glad you enjoyed the class.
As for fourth year, we'll take that as it comes.

Unfortunately I didn't get a print of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, but it is playing in Oakville in the octoplex on Kerr Street.

Enjoy your maple covered rooster and I'll see you in studio class later this week!

Nancy said...

Pink Pigtails, check the link again under LA MAISON EN PETIT CUBES. The copyright owner may take it down, but there are clips now posted on YouTube.

I'd like to have the Oscar nominated shorts playing in theatres before feature films. They are far more interesting than the dumb ads that I once vowed never to sit through....