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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Noels

This is my ridiculous card for the year. Normally I try to do a funny New Year's card. 2009 is looking so dire from the perspective of the scary 2008 that it took me a long time to get a theme this year, and even though I love the Lolcats at I can has Cheezburger? even they couldn't get me in a cheery enough mood. The faces on the cats, particularly the one on the right, were very critical. I redrew Tiger Cat twice and still am not happy with the drawing.
2008 was a memorable year for me in many respects: I got to move to Canada, get a new job at Sheridan that is a much better fit for me than the last one, and had my book published in Chinese. The second year student Leicas were in many cases of very high quality and the students were kind enough to inform me of this. The only thing that would top this news is getting my second book accepted by a publisher, or getting hitched, and I'm working on the first one. That one at least has a chance.
So that's the good news. You know the rest of the news, it's on every major news source. Might as well draw cartoons and have a few laughs.
Happy Holidays.


Ziggyfan said...
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Nancy said...

You have some good ideas, Eeyoonywanna. I particularly like the cartoons about the mime and the bald eagle.
You will probably need to work a bit more on your drawing before submitting it to a syndicate. Take a look at THE FAR SIDE for an example of deceptively simple drawing (the cartoon would not have been as funny if it was more realistically drawn.) Don't imitate Larson, but find a trademark type of drawing that links all your characters, the way he does (the harlequin glasses, mouths in the shape of a Cheerio, humans with bodies like potatoes.)
Good luck.

Amy said...

Hey Nancy! This is Amy Tarangelo, your cousin Jackie's daughter. I found your blog a little while ago and stalked it a while before emailing you. I dont know if you ever got the email though because I sent it about 2 weeks ago. But my messages have an unfortunate tendency to get lost in peoples' spam boxes. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and whatnot. I absolutely love the card, especially because my mom was so confused by the reference. :P Happy holidays!

Brett W. McCoy said...

Great card!

2008 was a rough year in some aspects, but a good year in other aspects. Hoping 2009 will just be a good year and not have any rough spots.

I've started posting to my Blogspot blog again, BTW, and given up on LiveJournal. :-)

Nancy said...

Hi Idragosani,
It was a good year for me in most things, though it is tough being in a new city with a very limited social network. Fortunately there are lots of interesting places to go in Toronto and I will meet people in time.
It's funny to hear that you switched from livejournal to many people go the other way. I've not had any problems though.
Happy New Year to you and may it be a good one!

Vincent Bruni said...

Hey Nancy,

That christmas card was cute! I agree with you that 2008 has been a crazy year as far as the headlines go, but its been a great one for me too. Hope that 2009 will be even better(I know that bankers are thinking the same way.)

Merry X Mas and Happy New Year!


Nancy said...

As the English say, "You can't fall off the floor." If things get very bad, they eventually get better. Or so we believe.