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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Incredible Russian Animation

This is a trailer from THE TALE OF FEDOT THE STRELETS, a new Russian animated feature based on the 1985 book by the Russian playwright and actor Leonid Feotov.

The feature film is being released in Russia today, and this trailer was sent to me by my Moscow-based animation friend Alexey Kobelev. An English translation of the poem can be found here.

I'm extremely impressed with the animation, which is done with cut-paper stop motion technique (possibly in After Effects?)

Deniseletter, a regular reader, directed me to the main website for this film. It's worth a visit just to see the incredible face of the actor who does Baba Yaga's voice! There is a high resolution version of the trailer available there, also some wonderful stills from the film. I really want to see this movie!

The art direction is based on Russian folk characters; I recognized Baba Yaga the witch even without the notes in the wikipedia article.

I am very interested in seeing the entire film and finding out how well it does in theatrical release. One thing for sure, it isn't really a kiddie movie!


deniseletter said...

Hi Nancy,This film is awesome!! to see the trailer with more details here is a link:

Is really made of cut-paper stop motion?or After effects?How do they did that?

Nancy said...

Hi Denise,

This is what Alexey told me. From what I can tell, it appears to be done in After Effects, which would allow you to get some of the excellent 'dimensional' quality to the artwork.

deniseletter said...

Hi Nancy,An extra vid.Here I found 2 link to a short russian animated version of Sherlock Holmes
it has part1 and part2 (the conclusion of the case),with captions in English:

deniseletter said...

This card is for you.Hope you like it:)
Just click on each animal to a more beautiful viewing:

Merry X-Mas Nancy & Happy New Year 2009!!

Sophie Yanow said...

This is great! I was at Annecy this past year, and I think I saw some other shorts by the same people... they were absolutely amazing! All of them were based on various Russian folk tales... there was one about a Fisherman (it was very asian-styled, from the asian part of Russia), also one about a poor couple who got little beast that did whatever they wanted... they were all done in this paper style animation. It was great!

kdee said...

Hi, saw your blog as a link with info regarding the this russian animated film. I found out about it because the web site for the film was named site of the week by a different web site that gives tutorials on webdesign. I don't speak Russian but I don'think you need to, to enjoy the trailer! It just shows how talented the people involved in this production were! Do you, or anyone else kno where I might find information, in english, about the music used? I love it.