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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Tragedy that You Can Help Remedy

I have just received the shocking news that animator Corny Cole, a fifty-year veteran of the Disney, Warner, and Dick Williams studios who currently teaches at Cal Arts, lost his home and everything in it in the Marek brush fires currently burning north of Los Angeles.
Corny's entire life work was burned beyond recognition. He also lost all of his feline and canine friends, who apparently could not be evacuated with him. This, to Corny, was the greatest tragedy.

The CREATIVE TALENT NETWORK is running a fundraiser for Corny. His entire earthly posessions are now contained within his office at Cal Arts. Please give what you can, here:
Thank you for helping a brother animator in his hour of need. My sympathies go out to Corny for the loss of his home, possessions, and friends.


deniseletter said...

Hello Nancy,I didn't know this. Can I copy your post to my blog too if someone want to help?

Nancy said...

go right ahead.