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Monday, October 27, 2008

Corny Cole Fundraiser

Tina Price of the Creative Talent Network informed me in an email that the fund drive for Cornelius 'Corny' Cole has raised over ten thousand dollars. Update: the total from the CTN was $12,500. Way to go!

It's a small token of our appreciation.

I read a snide comment on another blog that Corny 'didn't deserve any more consideration than anyone else who lost houses in that fire.'

Well, he's an animator--and animators take care of their own. It's no surprise that they're the only cartoonists with a union. We don't work alone, we network and we have a strong sense of community. That community is worldwide, not just regional. It also extends through time and space; animators send messages to the future in the films that sometimes survive the makers. More about that later.

Another commenter on that same blog mentioned that Corny had thousands of 'brothers and sisters' in animation. Couldn't have said it better myself.


deniseletter said...

Hi Nancy, Glad to read this post! Also I have news,Stephen Worth send me an email that said:
"ASIFA-Hollywood is working on helping Corny through the Animation Aid Foundation. We'll probably be doing some sort of a fundraiser with CalArts."

Nancy said...

That's good to hear. I have not recieved the email but can post information on the blog when I get it (probably through Tina Price's cartoon talent network.)

have they found any more of his pets? I heard that one cat was found alive.

G J Beaudet said...

Hi Nancy,
I am T.Hee's son in law.
I noticed in " Paper Dreams " that you have some T's art.
We have about 6 boxes of T's work. Patti died a year ago and we inherited all of it. We are looking for a buyer.
George J. Beaudet Jr.

Nancy said...

Dear George,
I am sorry to hear of Patti's passing, I would have liked to speak with her again. I had no idea how to reach her.
I'll write you off-site and talk to you about the work.

Thank you for contacting me!