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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Updates and Downpours

The weather has been crazy here; a slow-revolving 'pinwheel' has kept the rains and storms alternating with patches of bright (and high UV level) sunshine. But at least it has not been broiling the way it was two weeks ago, when the humidity and heat reached Savannah levels. I almost broke down and got an air conditioner, and will do so if the humidity level returns. Although I may try a dehumidifier first.
The three ceiling fans are doing an excellent job keeping the place livable, and I recommend this type of cooling to everyone, even if you also use an AC. The fans are more efficient at moving the cool air around where it's needed and they won't give you chills or breed Legionaire's disease.
Gizmo the cat is also much better after her four day illness. I don't know if she picked something up at the vet's or was traumatized by the large and bouncy puppies that shared the waiting room for her when we were there last Thursday but she was sick as a --dog--from Friday until Monday. I tried cooking rice in chicken soup for her as per vet's instructions. She did not eat it. She's back to her rabbit dinner food, which contains probiotics that will help settle her tummy, and I've not noticed anything untoward in the litterbox or on the floor this morning. So fingers crossed, she's better.
July 1 is Canada Day and I have decided to stay in the Oakville area simply because large crowds do not send me. The "Erchless Estate", home of Oakville's founder William Chisolm, actually consists of four historic buildings on the lake. They are holding a strawberry social on the holiday and there are fireworks at lovely Bronte Harbour in the evening that may be just as much fun than the ones in Toronto and possibly less crowded; they are certainly closer to home. I have posted an event on something called Linkup. One person has subscribed. It's better doing this with someone than traveling alone, and most Canadians made other plans long in advance of the holiday. I'm also going to try to take a trip to the Toronto Islands on Saturday via ferryboat if it doesn't storm. If it does, there are plenty of great things to do in downtown Toronto, even on Queen's Quay.
As in New York, there's no excuse to be bored in Toronto.

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