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Saturday, June 28, 2008

That's All I Can Stand 'Cause I Can't Stand It No More

I got a dehumidifier today since I could not take any more of the damp, humid heat and I don't want to get an air conditioner.
At least not yet.
The dehumidifier resembles an 'R2 unit' from STAR WARS (this is my friend Jean Pilotte's description, not mine, and it is a good one.) Instead of beeps and meeps, it makes a low drone. So I put it in the living room not the bedroom. The humidity level in the apartment is already appreciably lower, though I don't know if it is the machine or the cooling off at the end of the day that is responsible.
So I didn't get jack else done today. I am not a hot weather person. It remains to be seen whether I am a cold weather person this winter, but from past experience I'd have to say Yes. You can always put on another coat. There is a limit to how much clothing the law allows you to take off.

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