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Friday, April 11, 2008

Kitty Movers

Moving Day approaches and things are going to start falling into place when they are not falling down. Gizmo the Cat got into the swing of things by being sick in interesting places, then climbing into a closet and getting locked in for a while (she didn't make a sound, she is too trusting. ) I had visions of finding a mouldering carcass after I returned on Sunday from my latest Canadian trip. Fortunately Miss Stupid came out the second time I went looking for her in the studio. Giant fun.
She was very affectionate when I was lying in bed reading a book. Then I hear the unmistakable 'rupe rupe' sound. "Get onto the floor!" I said. Gizmo did, and left a present. I have no idea what prompted her to gift me with some of her lunch. Hope she doesn't make a habit of it.
She isn't stressed at all. She has been lying on top of some of the picture boxes and playing with the empties, and purring a lot. Clearly the slow move was a good move when one has to do it with a cat. The gradual change in the apartment excites her curiosity rather than frightening her.
There was an almighty crash at two AM today. The unmistakable sound of a huge and very heavy box falling to the floor, which actually vibrated. I did not turn on the light but yelled at Gizmo to stop being a jerk and get back to bed. Now there are three huge cats living upstairs and it is quite conceivable that one of them got frisky and kicked over a television or something. Kitty Radar ensures that Gizmo starts skipping and running around at the same time as the 19 pounder upstairs. Jacques is so huge that it sounds like a human being moving around when he galumphs down the hall.
Maybe that's it. I couldn't find any huge boxes out of place today; I've deliberately stacked them so she can't knock them over. It'll be even more fun when I have to put the cat in her carrier, listen to the pathetic howls, and then have her sit still for a two or three hour trip to Canada at the end of May.
I can't wait. Can she?

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