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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Count Down

It's a little hard to believe that in thirty one days, Gizmo and I are leaving for our new Canadian home.
Thirty days is a round number but I'll start the countdown now.
This weekend I'll pick up the apartment keys and measure the windows for the curtains. There's a window treatment on the useless picture window in the living room, but I have to get something for the three others. While I'm at it I'll bring a compass to get some idea of where the sun hits this building...I was told 'eastern' exposure, but the flat has two exposures.
I've contacted a pet food supplier for Gizmo's rather poorly distributed but excellent food, a bed manufacturer for the delivery time on a new bed, and the cable company. All three things (special cat food, bed, and cable and telephone service) will be in the flat by the first week of May.
There's not much more to say except that classes are nearly over, I have all my stuff in boxes except for the things used on a day to day basis. (George Carlin's routine, "Stuff" has never been so funny.) The movers have sent the contracts. Once I'm up there there's plenty of time to inquire about my new courses and get into the culture of Sheridan and maybe even see a little of Ontario before the real work starts in August.

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