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Monday, August 06, 2007

Part Two Warner Brothers Caricature...

This is Part Two of the caricature entry, so you'll have to read backwards.
So now that I had the pictures of all four of them, I started working up rough sketches, starting with Clampett.
Tough man to draw. He photographed differently each time. A shot taken from his famous 'home movies' at Warners shows the little-kid Chuck, and Bob with a very long face and lantern jaw--exactly like his caricatures. But this photo shows him with a square jaw and strong chin, but no lantern jaw.
Why he photographed that way in stills is a mystery, but perhaps the photographer got him from a good angle.

This is why it is never a good idea to draw from photographs; life is always better, and if your subject is not alive, a motion picture will do just as well. It is very important to see the muscles of the face working, expressions, and so on. For example, Bob Clampett had dimples. They only showed in one of the photos--clearly not this one. Friz Freleng's freckles also did not photograph. Chuck has a boyish quality that does not come across in my caricature, but I knew him better than the others and know that he had a mischievous streak in him. If he looks a little manic here, that's his inner Coyote showing through.
Well anyway I got the whole thing done this morning, and once Didier's designer puts the type and title on the page, it will be done.


Daniel said...

Hey, Nancy, thought I'd just fly through cyberspace and pay you a visit.

Great that you draw. I used to do a bit of drawing and painting once but didn't have enough talent to make a career of it.

I did better at writing though some people might want to argue that point. Then some people like to argue every point!

If you like, I'll link with you, give you a bit of a plug on my World Blog News segment.

Let me know. Cheers.

Nancy said...

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for writing. I'd be very pleased to have you link to this site. I am always happy to hear from practicing artists (and we are all practicing, none of us are perfect!)
I'll check out your writing too.
It takes me a while to get to comments since I haven't been posting as frequently as I should, so please excuse the late reply.