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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Funny Stuff

My friend Gizmo the cat has introduced me to the very funny, crazy feline world. I had always thought cats were dignified, aloof creatures, not dependent like dogs--

Well, cats can't be generalized as a species; the personality of the animal, like that of a human, is pretty much is determined by its family upbringing and genetics. In other words,cats must be judged as individuals, not en masse. And some cats, such as Gizmo and a few others that I have met, love to play, look silly, cuddle, and generally act like a dog. Gizmo even runs to greet me whenever I come home. This is a nice treat and I'm grateful for it.

There is a very funny website called I Can Has Cheezburger? featuring ridiculous captions to photos of cats. Some vary in cleverness. Some are hilarious, some just rude or stupid, but most are a very entertaining way to start the day.

Curiously enough other animals besides cats are sometimes featured, including the "Lolrus" and various rodents with corms. My fave was the bunny eating cookies. If you visit the site, look under 'foodz' or 'cookie' at the bottom of the page to see the cookie thief.

Cookies are a major theme on the site.

The picture in this post appeared on the site recently and I thought it was a hoot. It's captioned in proper English, which is unusual for the lolcats: usually they speak a weird lingo distantly related to Krazy Kat's Yiddish-influenced prattle...the Lolcat language fuses Southern slang, text messaging, and onomatopoeia. Some terms are already becoming 'standard'--at least within a small group.

Do not want!


I has a....

I'm in yr....

Nom Nom Nom (sound of cat eating) This one is my favorite.

Anyway, here's a famous image from the site. The lolcats are guaranteed to raise a smile.


Nigel Bird said...

You clever Lady, always wished I could draw better. As for cats it reminds me of a picture my Mother used to have on her Bathroom door. It was of a burmese cat looking like it just got away with eating tweaty pie.. The caption was, "I used to be conceited, now I'm perfect!
Be Good

Nancy said...

Dear Monica,
Thank you for the nice comment about my work. I always say that the only people who can't draw are the ones who don't pick up a pencil (whether digital or 'analog' is unimportant.) Draw and you will get better. It's as inevitable as death and taxes.
I visit the lol cats every day. Some clever fellow is even doing a comic strip about them in the style of George Herriman--wish I'd thought of that first!
And I like your Mom's caption. Kitty photos online differ in one important way from the older cards and things: the language. Some of it is a little impenetrable but most of it is funny.
Thank you again for your visit!

Daniel said...

That's a great photo and caption, Nancy. Thanks for bringing some humor into my world-weary life.


Nancy said...

The site is updated every day, Daniel, and while they can't all be winners, most are very funny indeed.