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Friday, February 04, 2005


"But what if Maine does not have anything to say to Texas?"-- a review of the Telephone, 1878

A blog is an invitation to a total stranger to read your mail. Someone who won't tell you, as your mother or your doting friends will, that it's tremendous, colossal, stupendous...pretty good.

I have a friend who once managed a movie theatre. "I grew to hate humanity", he told me. "Then I realized that the only people I ever met were 'people who wanted to see the manager of the movie theatre.'

I figure, there are a lot of people out there who want to see the manager of the theatre when the seats aren't comfy or the show isn't up to snuff. This blog is not for those people.

I won't be writing about Politics because there's enough of that going on already. I will try and write about things that interest me. Perhaps they will also interest some of you.

There's one thing for sure: the type in this blog will be large enough to see.


Alfred Armstrong said...

Nancy, hi, Alfred here. The only thing about your extra BIG type is that on the Livejournal syndication it gets even bigger. Is there an option on blogspot to have a custom CSS stylesheet? If so, you could use that to get the size increase there, and then the syndicated feed would be virgin text.

Nancy said...

HI Alfred,

All right, I'll adjust my glasses, and the size of the type! And I guess I'll drop the silly pseudonym, I know I'm not really fooling anyone....