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Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Skeletons at the Feast

I was looking for a sushi bar on the upper West side of Manhattan one Fourth of July in the last century when I came upon what appeared to be a refugee from the set of an INDIANA JONES picture.

A sort of Mayan pyramid was firmly ensconced on Seventh Avenue, with arrow-filled skeletons scattered across the face posed in mid-clamber, heading toward what appeard to be a huge tilted idol's head on the third floor of the building.

The doorman hailing the cab had been there for quite some time.

This was JEKYLL AND HYDE'S, a themed restaurant apparently dreamed up by refugees from movie and theatrical companies. Imagine a haunted mansion ride with the ghosts spouting New Yorkisms and making snide remarks about your hat and getup. The food wasn't bad either. I stood in line with a nice Australian tourist and we investigated the several floors of the restaurant.

Outside, I got this priceless shot of the little girl; absolutely unposed.

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