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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

High School Confidential

Well I just wrote a lovely post about my visit to the Etobicoke School of Art, but right now I am as mad as Gizmo (who spent the entire day locked in the animation studio, having slipped in under the desk and hidden when I closed the door.) She came out MRAWRING loudly and then deliberately, angrily flushed the toilet!
I feel about the same way, since the entire post was deleted by blogger. (Wordpress is calling, y'all.)

Here's my second try. Today I was at the Etobicoke School of Art. It's a fine little 'magnet' school in a town about 25 miles to the east of Oakville. My hostess described it as the "New Jersey of Canada" and it did indeed resemble my childhood home of West New York, except that it was a lot cleaner.

The school is bright, cheery, covered with student artwork of great sensitivity, and filled with motivated students. Many of them piled into the library to see me lecture. I showed representative samples of Sheridan films in CGI, hand drawn, and stop motion; one group project; a lot of last semester's Leica reels; two rare Disney films I storyboarded; and some examples of the exercises done by the Taiwanese students last summer.
I think it was a success.

I just have to explain it to the cat.


Brett W. McCoy said...

I am convinced that cats have discovered the secret of teleportation. You can see them in one room, go to the other end of the house (or another floor, depending on the abode) and the furry little thing will be there also, waiting for you.

Floyd Norman said...

I'm spending more time at schools these days, although I've always avoided being an instructor.

I've lectured at USC, and spent a day at the UCLA Film School last week. The young students are always eager and enthusiastic. It's fun to be around them and share their optimism.

Sam Amanfi said...

i'm not an avid reader of ur blog (maybe I should be) but I recently took a listen to ur podcast over at and enjoyed it. very informative. I was wondering if you had any other podcasts or interviews out there that you could share a link to.


Nancy said...

sorry about the late reply, y'all. Sam, there is one other podcast with me online. Floyd, yes, it is fun working with the young animators before they get jaded and disillusioned. They also get to work on their own stuff...I can never understand why any student would not want to!