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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A disappointing 'festival'

Last year I waited for four hours in line for Toronto International Film Festival tickets to Don Hahn's WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY. The only reason I stuck it out that long was because of that film.
The festival booth was inconveniently located, poorly run, and very slow.
This year, the TIFF allegedly had online and telephone ordering.
Neither system works.

I couldn't have stood in line, not even for a few minutes, this past week even if I had wanted to; there were school meetings and preparation for the new school year to attend and attend to.

So now, it seems that the TIFF have taken the sales for ILLUSIONIST 'Off sale'. I don't know if that means it sold out, or if they can't make their Byzantine and very stupidly designed ordering system work. So the hell with it, and with them. I will see the ILLUSIONIST either on a studio screener, or in a theatrical release. And I'm really quite serious about never bothering with TIFF again.

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Brett W. McCoy said...

Geez, setting up an online ordering system is 90s technology. Are they so overwhelmed with orders that their system just can't handle it?