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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Knee UP, or Down

I realize that I haven't even mentioned that the last artwork for ANIMATED PERFORMANCE, barring the cover, was completed on September 1. I literally went down to the wire on it, finishing just before school started. A serious knee injury made it difficult for me to sit for long periods in front of the computer for some time, and only when I started seeing a physical therapist (the doctor said it was just a 'sprain' but you can go to a phys therapist in Canada on your own) did I find out that I wrenched open the old accident wound from my car crash when I tried to climb the impossible stairs to the GO train on July 21. I guess the knee was giving me a ten year anniversary present. Anyway, the physical therapist has been wonderful; but my exercise program abruptly stopped in July. I wondered if the book would also have to stop, since I couldn't hit my deadlines.
Enter some wonderful friends I met on Facebook, though I'd met one of them previously, and another was familiar through his films. Elliot Cowan, who created The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead, kindly offered to do some drawings, and there are five of his funny sketches in the book as a result. Elliot is what we would call a mensch, and his animation is actually hand drawn and finished in After Effects--the Boxhead Roundhead series shows that you can get some great effects with simpler programs than Maya if you have imagination and talent. Other folk from Facebook either donated artwork or recommended someone whose work would suit (there are some fine surprises in the illustration.)
So I am waiting for two things: the legal paperwork from a well known studio (which is being reviewed at this time, I am informed...cross fingers...) and the layout for the cover so that I can slot my artwork into it.
And the layouts for the book of course. I am really crossing fingers, holding thumbs, and breath as well for this last one. Nuff said for now.
But anyway, the knee injury, though better, will only relapse if I cannot exercise. Winter is rapidly approaching here. I have been okayed for aquatic exercise and bicycling. These aren't easy to do in the dead of the Canadian winter.
The Oakville Club's pool is outdoor, and closed for the season; and the club itself is down a steep hill that is very dangerous for me to attempt in the dead of winter; since the sidewalks can be very icy here. (There are no problems with cars. They shovel the roads but do not take as much care with the sidewalks.)
So regretfully I have had to resign from the club and join the local Y, which is accessible by bus, which has two lovely pools and the finest workout room I've ever seen. There is also a cute little cafe and a bright, cheery design to the entire building. It's cheaper, but not THAT much cheaper than the club. The main advantage is: I can actually use the facilities. And I intend to do so. I want the knee to get better and I want to keep my health up...I will be less likely to get sick in winter if I exercise.
Or maybe this will all turn into another sick joke like my first exercise experience did. I was doing really well til that damn knee went out in the middle of Union Station.
The good news is that I have two years to come back to the Oakville Club without penalty. Lots can happen between now and then, but it's nice to know. I enjoyed being there, but really I couldn't do anything after the accident.
Knee injuries are the worst. I want to get this over with, for once and for all.
Wish me luck.


Brett W. McCoy said...

Good luck with all of it, book and knee! I need to resume my own exercising, I was doing pretty well for a while but got lazy....

Wood Mouse said...

Well it sounds like there will be no Knees up Mother Brown from you for a while! Get well soon.

Nancy said...

Brett and Wood Mouse, thank you for the kind words. And no, I would not be able to do a Knees Up Mother Brown under any circumstances.
As for the book...we are in a holding pattern waiting to hear from the copyright holder for 14 illustrations. The rest is pretty clear, at least for now.
Thanks again!

Russian Insider said...

Nancy, good luck! I wish you a speedy recovery!

Floyd Norman said...

Hope you're doing better, Nancy.

I'm sitting in front of my Cintiq Tablet in pain from a back problem I had a few years ago. However, I can't stop drawing, so I grit my teeth and work through the pain. Man, I hate it when your body won't co operate.

I'm looking forward to your book. Hope that big shot studio doesn't give you a hard time.

Floyd Norman said...

Hang in there, Nancy.

My only exercise at Disney is my short walk down the hall to Starbucks. Seems to have worked for Walt.

Of course, I'm drinking coffee, not Scotch.