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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FJORG at Siggraph

SIGGRAPH, the biggest computer graphics and animation show in the world, has just concluded its second FJORG competition in which sixteen teams consisting of three animators each has completed a short animated film to a pre-set story (with pre modeled and rendered characters and supplied dialogue) in just 32 hours.

The contest ended on the 12th and judging is today.

The FJORGERS must create the story, plan the scenes, animate them, and render the finished film with final track while dealing with 'distractions' such as fire eaters, belly dancers and visiting animators (thanks to Tom Sito for the heads-up about the contest ending!)

Two of the teams are comprised of RIT students, all of whom were in at least one of my animation and drawing courses; it'll be fun to see what they do and how they do.

Here are the RIT teams:

Team Rocketpants: Neil Bonsteel, Brianne Francisco, Riannon Delanoy

The Re-Animators: Wes Storhoff, Ignacio Barrios, Brian Monroe

Their topic this year was THE SADDEST STORY EVER TOLD.

Last year's competition was won by this outstanding film from Ohio. (The team was from Bowling Green University.) It's economically told, uses the provided characters and simple elements (no time wasted on modeling new materials) covers the subject matter ("An Impossible Escape") and is very well directed. And it's also very funny.

Watch this space for the names of the winning animators, either today or tomorrow!

Update: You can view each of the films by clicking on the "Animation" link underneath the team name on the left side of this page.

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