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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Singapore Schedule

Well, here it is...
I'm a 'legend in my own lunchtime'. Here's the schedule for my talk and masterclass for those of you who are in Singapore in a week's time!


Kevin Williams said...


I don't know if you remember me, I sat in on a couple of classes at SCAD when I was in a freshman, and later worked with Jeff Schanz, another SCAD alumni.

I'm actually in Malaysia right now, teaching animation. I'm gonna try and go to this seminar since it's close right now.

Drop me a line at kwilli30 at gmail dot com

Nancy said...

Dear Kevin,
That's great if you can attend. Strange thing, travel. I'm meeting two friends in Singapore that I met in Berlin and Denver, respectively. I'll try contacting you to find out where you are teaching.
And former Disney colleague Kompin Kongumnird is giving a talk right after me, about his new feature. Small world. (but you knew I'd say that.)

Daniel said...

The world is shrinking fast though global warming might tend to slow it down somewhat, push us back towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Wonder if we'll rediscover a capacity for caring again?