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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Here are some stills from my new film, THE OTHER EDEN. All artwork for this film was created and modified in Photoshop and After Effects 7. (all right, I lied. One drawing was scanned in, but it is not in any of the stills here.)

I wanted a pastel and pencil look but also wanted to finish the film in ten weeks, since it was required for an independent study. The result turned out well enough for me to enter it in a couple three film festivals. I don't expect it to win anything, but it would be nice to see it screened.

The film was based on a nightmare I had last December about the disappearing wildlife on planet Earth. Sadly, the nightmare is become reality.

The original title was THE LAST but since my dad hated the title I decided to go to Shakespeare since over 1,500 other authors have done so for titles over the last four centuries. So a misquote from RICHARD II serves as an ironic title to this two minute animated film.


Brett W. McCoy said...

Will this be available on DVD sometime in the future?

Nancy said...

Dear Idragosani,
I've entered THE OTHER EDEN in five film festivals. One of them states that the show cannot have appeared online prior to exhibition (they want to premiere their entries.) Until I know the results later this summer, I can't put this film on youtube, which I do want to do eventually. It's on DVD now since I burn my own copies, but it isn't for sale.
Thank you for the nice comments.