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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Book Review

PREPARE TO BOARD! was just favorably reviewed on the Animation World Network's website. You can read the review here:


Boris Hiestand said...

Hi Nancy!
I was thinking about you and how your book has been received, so I thought I'd take a wonder over to your blog again, and look what I find!
Great to know it's doing well,- still waiting for my copy but I'll let you know once I read it.

Happy animating on your film! How does it feel?

Nancy said...

Dear Boris,
I felt jetlagged at the signing event, but it went wonderfully well. And the most surprising people seem to like this book...Martha Sigall and Joe Grant's daughter, and Joann Quinn, for starters. I guess it is worth the wait! Please let me know what you think when you get it...
I'm still pretty gobsmacked about selling out at the gallery. So was the gallery. Mine was the only textbook there, and there were glittering gorgeous things to buy as well.
As for the film...well, I like working in something that eliminates the need for inbetweens...and isn't as deadly as Maya. THE OTHER EDEN has to wrap soon so I'll be pulling some all nighters to get it done.

Nancy said...

that should of course be Joanna Quinn...