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Friday, January 26, 2007

When you're up your up, and when you're down you're down...

And when you're only halfway up you're neither up nor down!

After some finagling and tweaking, the new site is up and running. You can view the shameless plug for PREPARE TO BOARD! here.

It doesn't run if you don't have Flash 8 installed, so I am going over it with my advisor Chris Jackson and reformatting in Flash 7.

The project was animated in After Effects 6.5. I've just bought AE7 since I have to make another movie to graduate, and the program's too different. I will be again working with Chris to make this thing look pretty good. Grand to hear that they have a 'fog setting' though I prefer to make my own in Painter and import the levels.

anyway, I'll have a good long post once I am back from New York next Tuesday. The "R.I.T STUFF" show premieres, and ends, on Monday night at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. If anyone is reading this, and wants to come, the museum show is free that night and I guarantee that you will like what you see. I curated the show and picked funny and entertaining films from three years of the RIT animation program.

The only other real news is the shocking lack of a nomination for Joanna Quinn's DREAMS AND DESIRES for a short animation Oscar. The woman is a BRILLIANT filmmaker and animator, she is long overdue for an award, and her work is so obviously better than anything else out there...what can I say except that there's something pretty scwoowy going on awound here.

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