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Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's Got One More D

I was just sent a link to an online site that posted an article on why drawn storyboards were obsolete.
A second article countered the argument. Very well, too.

The mindset that 'everything can be done with a computer' is not correct. It's not even something that is worth arguing about. It's a lot cheaper to work out ideas on paper before using an expensive machine to work it up in three dimensions. Why is it necessary to keep restating the obvious?

My colleague John Van Vliet once drew a cartoon showing a ponytailed producer talking to an artist at a computer terminal. The producer says, "And I want my entire project in 3D! It's much better than 2D!"

The artist replies, "Why is it better?"

The producer responds with a beatific smile. "It's got ONE MORE 'D'!"

the artist thinks "Cheer up. Someday geeks will inherit the earth."

John swears that this conversation actually occurred.

Hopefully, the truth will out.


Uli Meyer said...

Hi Nancy,
Great blog!
I charge my clients extra for the additional 'D'.
Producers like to get more for their money.

Jean P said...

Hi Nancy,
This is a timely discussion about storyboards and 3D layout.
I have experienced first hand how storyboard translates in 3D and in my opinion, the reason they say storyboard don't work is: Bad planning. Getting a design and model pack locked and ready from the get go is a thing of the past, in some instances. Character size relationship and location designs are decided on the fly and fixed during previs.
In such a pandemonium, of course 2D storyboards don't work. Nor do the 3D ones for that matter. It is then fixed in layout.
There is a bigger discussion to be had about this.
In summary, poor planning and then blame pencil and paper for it.

Nancy said...

Hi Jean,
I'm afraid that the increase in the number of feature films means there are also a lot more people making them who don't know what they are doing. It's simple mathematics.

Now, if just ONE artist makes a film without benefit of 'supervision' and makes a huge hit, someone might listen to them. Unfortunately there have been some spectacular burnouts among artist/producers. NOt as many as from the business people, but it's sort of like animation itself--one mistake is applied to the whole megillah.

If live action films were judged by the same standard as animated ones, there wouldn't be any. Too many of them fail.