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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Plaster Cat

Yesterday I was working at home and the maintenance man came to plaster a wall that had paint peeling. He sanded the plaster after it dried and then asked me what I did. I got a little vain when he said he'd seen HERCULES and took him in the studio and showed him the Fates cel on the wall. I then fired up the computer to show some of the illustrations for the book.

Just then a pure white cat ran into the room and leaped gracefully onto my lap, landing in a cloud of white smoke, and said "MEOW", very clearly.

It actually took me a minute to realize what she had done. Ryan said my face was a study. I wish I had seen it.

I took Gizmo into the living room, held her on my lap, and beat her with the flat of my hand like a carpet, raising a large cloud of dust each time. (She didn't mind this since it did not hurt her.)
I then held her and brushed both sides more than she'd been used to. Fortunately she is not an aggressive animal and did not try to fight me.
I have something called Pet Wipes. I used them.
Meanwhile Ryan vacuumed up what was left of the plaster powder.

Gizmo had another wheezing attack later that evening, but at least now I know what it is from.

So I am calling her the Plaster Cat.