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Friday, April 22, 2005


I know it's been another while. School year's ending. Three of RIT'S student films made it to the semifinals of the Student Academy Awards and we'll know the results next week. One of them was 'helped' by me, so it's a start....wait til next year, there are some good ones coming up! And I'm still waiting to hear whether I'll be writing a book on storyboard...since I actually want to have a long relatively lazy summer, perhaps murphy's law will work in my favor this time...

I am posting a link to a female cartoonist whose work I have enjoyed for a long time. There are relatively few female cartoonists, still fewer good ones. Nina Paley is one of the good ones.

Nina Paley's comic NINA'S ADVENTURES IN SANTA CRUZ didn't fall into the standard trap of 'female life history stories'--exalting the ordinary and forgetting to add humor--mainly because Nina's life is certainly not standard. And she certainly has a sense of humor!
Ms. Paley gave up the comic strip a few years ago for health reasons and I lost sight of her for a while.

Nina took up animation in FLASH and made a fascinating film, THE STORK, which I saw a few years ago. Now she's working on the Ramayana--with 1920's pop songs as sound tracks. It's certainly an original idea and her quicktime clips are up complete with plot synopsis and lots of other stuff on

Ms. Paley has apparently moved from California to Fort Greene, New York in recent months.

Check out her site. Glad to see she's back. But like most female cartoonists, she's never really been away--she just doesn't get the publicity some of the guys get.
I hope she does well in the East.